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My Spine surgeon and physical therapist referred Dr Patel and his amazing staff. I initially thought all that was left for me to have a pain-free life, was opiods. Not so, Dr Patel understood & never pushed pills! I am mostly pain-free (in only 2months time)! Highly recommend him!
– Linda F.

I had been to many doctors in the past and none of them could figure out what was wrong with me. I was referred to Dr. Patel by my PCP and I was initially skeptical due to my past experiences. But Dr. Patel listened and found the issue I was having and after 8 years in pain and the last 2 1/2 years in extreme pain I felt relief after the first procedure. I was able to get sleep, go to work and play with my children. I am about to have my last procedure and I am a new person. I am learning to live without pain again. The staff is absolutely amazing and the always address you by name. They are always cheerful and upbeat which is something that is needed when you are experiencing pain. I love this office; Dr. Patel and his staff are now a part of my family.
– Amina M.

Great office with great doctor and friendly staff. Dr Patel helped me with my severe low back pain and sciatica. You will see when you meet him that he is kind and compassionate and just wants to get you back to your normal healthy self. He takes time to educate you about your pain condition. I had an excellent experience with my epidural injection at his office. I had a similar pain a few years back, and my previous pain doctor took multiple tries with different types of injections and didn’t do as good of a job. Dr Patel is a top notch pain doctor, I can’t thank him enough.
– Yu-Kai C.

This isn’t question, it’s a very good comment. Dr. Patel has been very helpful with my low back pain issue. His staff are as nice and service oriented as can be. I have full faith in his ability to help me with my problem so I can get back to living actively. Thank you, Dr. Patel.

– Carl C.

After seeing four different doctors for my severe sciatica nerve pain I will refer to Doctor Patel I was at a point that I couldn’t walk couldn’t stand I couldn’t move without severe stabbing pains my back and lower thigh so after seeing Doctor Patel he schedule me for an epidural injection in which one of the other doctors did the same thing and it didn’t work . Doctor Patel was so intuitive in to see exactly with my pain was coming from and what nerve was affected so after the first injection my pain level went down from a 15 to a three after the second injection and knock the pain right out of the park so much that night I take my wife out dancing for the first time in years so I want to thank dr. Patel and his friendly Staff
Thank you !!!

– Chuck M.

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